10 Best Measurement App for Android

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Measurement App is an application designed to help you measure the size of an object quickly and a person’s height without any traditional tape or scale. For example, suppose you want to measure the length, angle, or distance between two objects. In that case, you could use a measurement app to get things done without breaking a sweat. It lets you measure anything in your room with your Android camera. 

Just point your device’s camera and drag the vertical or horizontal virtual tape measure to the thing you want to measure. Once you have placed a tape measure, you can pull it to measure more accurately. Finally, you can take a photograph containing the measurements at just the touch of a button. Moreover, you can choose Metric or Imperial, centimetres and meters or feet and inches from Measure’s settings. This blog will let you know some of the best measurement apps for Android.

Top 10 Measurement App for Android: 

  • RoomScan Pro:

RoomScan Pro – floor plan app apkRoomScan is another satisfactory measuring app for Android and iOS that create floor plans and measure all space accurately. So, With this app, you can measure every room in your house in great detail. In addition, it lets you Generation of a 3D model to add windows and doors and perform height adjustment.

  • AR Ruler App:

Icon imageAR Ruler is one of the most popular tape measure apps that lets you measure real-world objects. With Augmented Reality, you can measure everything you focus on using your mobile’s camera. But first, you must point the viewfinder towards the surface plane and tap the screen to start counting. 

Moreover, it can gauge the volume of 3D subjects. Using this app is elementary. Just target the area you want to measure, choose two points, and you are done. In addition, the app allows you to measure sizes in different units such as feet, yards, centimetres, meters, millimetres, and inches. Thus, if you want a fully-featured measurement tool on your Android or iPhone, try the AR Ruler App.

  • Laser Level:

Icon imageLaser Level is a levelling app for Android that contains a ladder pointer, a standard 3-mode spirit level, and an inclinometer for measuring vertical angles and calculating the precise horizontal plane. In addition, it has an advantageous spirit/bubble-level mode that lets you measure angles and help you to know whether a surface is a level using the app. It also allows you to change units from metric to imperial. This app uses acceleration, a gyroscope, and a laser pointer for perfect measurement.

  • Angle Meter: 

Icon imageAngle Meter is another helpful measurement app that offers an on-screen ruler, protractor, camera-based laser-level tool, and more. In addition, it allows you to measure the angle or inclination of objects, a feature you won’t find in most measurement apps. Finally, you can use the digital version of the scale and measure Angles utilising the smartphone. This app has a measurement interval of 0–180 or 0–360 degrees with an angle complement.

  • Bubble Level – Angle Meter: 

Icon imageBubble Level–Angle Meter is one of the best measurement apps that calculates any surface’s horizontal and vertical dimensions. This app has a straight ruler, a two-dimensional ruler, a protractor, and an angle meter. The measurement app is easy to use. As a result, you can get reliable results faster than ever. In addition, you can adjust the position of the measuring interface for your convenience. It includes four features in one app, including an on-screen ruler, a 2D rule for measuring two sides along the Phone at once, a bubble level, and an angle measurement utility that measures the angles of any objects.

  • GPS Fields Area Measure: 

Icon imageGPS Fields Area Measure is the handiest measurement app on Android or iOS. This app is much like Google Maps’ which receives a map view and measures a region’s area, distance, and perimeter. It works incredibly well to help you measure even complete land plots. This app is perfect for you if you’d like to measure longer distances. First, Tap the distance, area, or point of interest mode, then tap the map to measure distances between taps.

  • Smart Measure:

Icon imageSmart Measure is one of the most popular measurement apps that help you to know the exact distance and height of objects. It calculates the distance between the Phone and objects in front using your smartphone camera to detect the actual measurement of different things. The app’s usage is pretty straightforward. You have to aim the camera at the ground, not the thing. This app is based on artificial intelligence technology. The best part of the Smart Measure is that it is easy to use and gives accurate results.

  • Google Maps:

Icon imageAlthough Google Maps is not a conventional measurement app, you can still consider it for its distance measurement features. For example, with its built-in measurement feature, you can measure the distance between two points in miles, yards, or kilometres. Therefore, we can trust Google Maps imaging blindly for its accuracy.

  • Simple Level Tool: Bubble Level: 

Icon imageThe Bubble Level is one of the simplest apps that work like a typical bubble level. It is an instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is horizontal or vertical. The bottom of the screen displays the x and y coordinates if the level is at all off-centre. It is an unbelievably helpful tool for your Android device.

  • Measure Distance: Smart Distance Meter: 

Icon imageThe Smart Distance Meter is another great measurement app for Android that uses your Phone‘s camera to measure an object’s distance and height. Your hands need to be steady if you want good app results. It will estimate the distance between you and the thing. So, it would be best to calibrate the height measurement by manually entering the Phone’s height above the ground.

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How does the measuring app work? 

With a measurement app, your Phone automatically detects and places a measurement box around the square or rectangular objects, persons or places by your phone camera.

Which is the best measuring app? 

Google Maps and GPS Field Area Measure is Android’s best free measurement app. You can use GPS Field Area Measure or Google Maps to measure the distance between two places accurately. Both apps are the most versatile and share similar features in many aspects. 

How do I get the ruler on my screen? 

You must download a dedicated measurement app to get a ruler on your phone screen. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, go to View and select Ruler. Then go to File > Options > Advanced and select vertical ruler in Print Layout view under Display.

Can I use my phone camera to measure? 

Yes, you can use your phone camera to measure by pointing the Phone’s camera to an object, then pick two points to measure the distance in between.

Conclusion: As it is quite impossible to always carry a conventional tape or scale with us, a Measurement app is essential for all of us. Therefore, this blog lists all the best measurement apps available for Android devices. I hope you will find the suitable measurement app for Android that you were looking for one. So now you measure length, height, width, distance, or area easily with your android phone. 

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