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With over 400 million active users, Instagram is the leading social media giant dominating the internet. However, Instagram is a platform where countless opportunities are waiting, and one can take advantage of those opportunities with the number of followers. So, those who want to get those opportunities must have enough followers first. How? Well, use Free Instagram Followers APK 2023 that provide free and real followers.

3 Best Free Instagram Followers APK 2023

If gaining free Instagram followers through an app you want, why not use these 3 Free Instagram Followers APK for your Android device:

Free Instagram Followers APK + Likes with Guaranteed App

1. Ins Followers

Ins Followers an app that allows any user to get free Instagram followers and likes. The only task they have to do is to earn coins on the app with some tasks given, and with those coins, real and organic followers and likes can be gained.



  • 100% free and a legit app.
  • All your followers will be active since they are real users, not bots.
  • Coins can be gained with your Insta username.
  • Simple interface and is easy to understand.


  • Users can’t earn the coins forever.

How to Get Free Followers?

Step-1: Download the Ins Followers app on your smartphone or any device you use; up to you.

Step-2: Use your username and get free coins for starters and use them to get followers.

Step-3: A bunch of tasks are already there. Complete them and get followers or likes. But let me tell you one thing, it will take some time to reach all the followers to your account since all the followers are real and organic.

2. Turbo Followers

Turbo Followers is an app where you can earn coins by following other people on Insta and using those coins to get real followers. It’s available for Android and iOS both and even computers.


  • Free and simple with a nice design.
  • It has a hashtag feature for reach boosting.
  • Multiple features are available.


  • It can be used on any device, whether it’s a smartphone or a computer.
  • Free and legit.
  • Followers are real and active.


  • All features are not free.

How to Get Free Followers?

Step-1: Install the app and log in. Follow other Insta users and get free coins.

Step-2: Use those coins and get real followers.

3. GetInsita

It’s another excellent app that also offers free Instagram followers. It’s best if you are aiming for 10K followers on Insta. A user must complete some tasks, earn coins, and get followers.


  • The app is legit and 100% free, of course.
  • Developed by a professional Instagram marketing research team.
  • All followers are real and active.
  • Users can target audiences from different countries.
  • Compatible with Android, iOS, and PC.


  • Free and genuine.
  • Real users.
  • 24×7 support.
  • No verification is needed.


  • Followers might drop sometimes.

How to Get Followers?

Step-1: Download the app from Google Play (for Android) or App Store (for iOS) and install it.

Step-2: Sign in and earn some coins and use them to get free followers.

Step-3: Choose a task and complete that to earn more coins and followers.

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Which is the best app for free Instagram followers?

If you ask me which app is the best among the above three, my vote will go for the GetInsita app. That’s because Ins Followers doesn’t let you earn coins forever, and Turbo Followers doesn’t offer all the features for free. But GetInsita solves all those problems. Of course, sometimes followers might drop on there, but the support will make up for that.

How can I get free likes and real followers on Instagram?

There are honestly a ton of ways that you can use to get free Instagram likes and real followers, and I can write a separate article about it. But let’s just talk about the basics here.

As a user, you can use apps where you need to complete some tasks, and as a reward, you will get real followers. And I already mentioned that in the above article with names of the three best apps for the task.

You can also provide some great content on your Insta handle that your followers want. Your content should be informative since people are bound to informative stuff like facts, stats, and things that people don’t know that much. You can use hashtags and interact with your followers to increase your reach to get more followers and likes.

How do you get 1000 followers on Instagram fast for free?

If you want 1000 followers on Insta very fast, I recommend you use apps that provide real and free followers like the above ones. But if you want to earn them genuinely, you have to work hard.

First, you need to optimize your Insta account and make it look cool. Then you have to focus more on the content that you are posting. Content is extremely important because people will follow you for the content, not for your face, unless you are a hot model who shows your body, not content.

Always post content your followers want to see, not what you like to post. And post regularly. That’s because consistency is the key to gaining real and loyal followers. Last but not least, interact with your followers for better reach.

Which app gives real followers on Instagram?

There are thousands of apps you will find on the internet that promise to provide real and free Insta followers. But not all of them are legit, and most are filled with bots. However, some apps are promising and legit, which are:

  • Ins Followers.
  • Turbo Followers.
  • GetInsita.
  • Followers Gallery.
  • Getinself.

Final Words

The above mentioned apps are meant to be the best and provide real Instagram followers. Well, at least the reviews say so. But I highly recommend that Insta users focus on posting great content and interact more with their followers. And provide followers with what they want and make them happy. It will help you gain loyal followers organically.

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