How to Associate a Google Account with a Device?

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Getting a new device is an exciting thing for everyone. But problems come when you go to transfer your important data, apps, games, and accounts to your new device. Because most of us don’t know “how to associate a google account with a device.” A Google Account on your device helps you to download and buy different apps, games, and items on the Google Play Store app. In this blog, I will let you know what a google account is and how to associate a google account with a device.

What is Google Account? 

Google Account is a widely used user account that requires a username and password for access. It helps you to save time by automatically filling in passwords, addresses, and payment details using the information you’ve saved to your account. Moreover, you can use it to log in to many consumer Google applications such as Youtube, Docs, Sites, Maps, Photos, and many more.

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How to Associate a Google Account with a Device: 

You can associate a Google account with several Android devices if you want. You can easily manage all your devices using a single Google account. There are many ways to add your google account with a device. 

Add Your Google Account in ‘Settings’-
  • First, launch the Settings app on your Android or tap on the Apps menu to display the Settings menu.
  • Then, tap Add Account > Google.
  • Tap “Existing” to add an existing Google account and Enter your Google email, then tap NEXT
  • Then enter the email password into the Password field, then tap NEXT  to proceed to the further step.
  • Select “OK” to agree to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
  • You now have a new Google account attached to the device, meaning you have successfully added a Google account to your new device.

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Add Your Google Account to the Play Store-

Another option is to add a Google account directly to the Play Store. This option is beneficial if you have multiple Google accounts.

  • First, launch the Google Play Store and tap on the profile icon in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then tap on the down arrow to the right of your existing Google account.
  • Tap “Add Another Account.”
  • Enter your Google email and password.
  • Finally, you can toggle between your Google accounts by tapping the profile icon. It will help you to use several google accounts.
How do you fix this Google account that is not yet associated with a device? 

Go to Google play on your computer device and click on your profile icon on the screen. Then, open the Google play store on your Android device and log in to your Google account. Next, search for the application you want to install on your device and tap on the “install” option. Then wait a few seconds to use your computer’s app to install now. 

What does it mean this Google account is not yet associated with a device? 

This google Account is not yet associated with a device means that there is no active device.

How do I link a device to my account? 

After opening your device’s Settings app, tap Accounts to Add account Google. Then follow the instructions to link your account to a device.

How do I associate my Google account with my tablet? 

To associate your Google account with your tablet, go to setting app > account > Add account. Then input your google account email and password. After that, follow further steps and click next. 

Conclusion: Associating a google account is the first important thing you need to do after buying a new phone. Without it, you can’t use other apps as well. In this blog, I have tried to let you know how to associate a google account with a device. For further information, please comment below.

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