How to Get FaceTime on Android?

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Are you also looking for a way to use FaceTime on your Android device? If you do, I know how you can use the FaceTime app that was meant for iOS and Mac on your Android phone or tablet.

But let’s talk about the FaceTime app for a bit. So, FaceTime is a video chat app that can also be used for audio calling. Apple owns the app, and it was meant only for iOS platforms. Apple launched FaceTime in 2010 for iOS and iPad OS; in 2011, they launched it for macOS.

FaceTime was only limited to iOS, iPad, and Mac users, but after 2021, Android users can also use FaceTime to video chat with others.

How to Get FaceTime on Android:

As I told you, Apple made FaceTime available for Android users. But that’s not entirely the truth. That’s because Android users can’t find the app on the Google Play Store and download it from other third-party websites and use it.

The only way Android users can use FaceTime is through the web browser. But not with any web browser – they have to use Google Chrome since this is the only web browser that allows FaceTime.

I am sure you are wondering how to use FaceTime without the app. Well, the iOS or Mac user has to send you an invite link, and with that link, you can use FaceTime. But, only the iOS 15, iPad 15, and macOS Monterey can send the link to Android users and invite them to use FaceTime. How? Let’s dive into the steps:

  1. First, you need an iOS, iPad, or Mac user with whom you want to FaceTime.
  2. That user must open the FaceTime app and on app and navigate to the option called “Create Link.”
  3. With the created link, he or she has to send you any way he or she pleases – for example, through the mail, message, airdrop, or others. You just have to receive the link – that’s it. With the link, you will be able to use FaceTime.
  4. When you receive the invite link, you have to open the link using the Google Chrome browser, the only browser supporting FaceTime.
  5. After opening the link, you will go to a page with the “Join” option. Just tap on that so you can join the video chat on the app.
  6. But simply joining doesn’t mean you are in the chat. The user who invited you has to accept your request, and then you can join the video or audio chat.
  7. On FaceTime, you will find a toolbar with options like control full screen, mute, hide video, etc.
  8. When you are done, you can tap on the screen, and the toolbar will appear, and you can tap on “Leave” to end the video or audio chat.

What Is the Android Version of FaceTime? 

FaceTime is a video and audio calling app that is only available for iOS, iPad, and Mac users, and yes, Android users can use it if iOS or Mac users invite them through a link. But don’t worry, Android users. That’s because there are many apps available that are similar to FaceTime but compatible with Android, which are:

How Do I Add FaceTime to My Android? 

If you are talking about downloading the FaceTime app on your Android device, forget it. That’s because Apple, which owns FaceTime, haven’t permitted Android users to use the app on their platform. And that’s why you won’t find the app on Google Play Store.

But you can still use FaceTime on your Android. You just need someone who uses iPhone, iPad, or Mac. The user has to send you an invitation link. And you have to use Google Chrome to open the link. With that link, you can use FaceTime and become part of the video or audio call.

How Do I FaceTime on Samsung? 

Samsung uses Android as their operating system, so like other Android users, you also will be able to use FaceTime if you have a Samsung device.

  1. First, the iOS, iPad, or Mac Os user must create a link and send it via message, mail, or any other way possible.
  2. You must use Google Chrome on your Samsung device to open the link.
  3. Then you need to join FaceTime.
  4. The iOS, iPad, or macOS user has to accept your request.
  5. After that, you can have video or audio chat with your friends or family members through FaceTime.
  6. And if you are finished, you can simply tap Leave to end the chat.

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What Is the Best Way to Video Call between iPhone and Android?

There are tons of applications available for iPhone and Android users to use and have a video call. And Android has the most number of apps for video calling compared to iPhone.

But, iPhone users don’t have that many video calling apps that they can use. They use the most suitable video calling app owned by Apple, FaceTime, which is such a great app in terms of quality and other aspects.

However, it was only available for iPhone and Mac users, but after 2021, Android users can also use it. And it has become the most suitable app for video calling between iPhone and Android.

Conclusion: FaceTime is the most suitable app for video calling for iPhone and Mac users. And since Android users can also use it, you should use this opportunity to video chat with your buddies on your iPhone or Mac device. But make sure you have Google Chrome on your device, and a maximum of 32 people can join the chat.

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