How to Get More Followers on Instagram 2022?

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More than 2 billion people use Instagram but won’t follow you until you give them a reason. So yes, getting Instagram followers are way harder than it seems. But if you have organized your account perfectly and shared demandable content, you will surely get tons of followers. So let’s see how you can flood your small Instagram account with organic followers.

How to Get More Followers on Instagram:

Getting more Instagram followers is saying easy that done. But with proper planning and work, anything can be achieved. So, let’s see how to gain thousands of followers on Insta:

How to Get More Followers on Instagram

Define Your Objective

Before gaining more organic followers on Instagram, ask yourself why you need them. There could be many reasons why you need lots of followers, but three major reasons that I think are:

  1. Increasing brand awareness.
  2. Boost product sales.
  3. Driving traffic to the website.

So, before getting followers, take your time and think about your objective. That’s because your motive will determine your strategy.

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Organize Your Instagram Account

Now you know why you need more Insta followers. Let’s create an Instagram account that will fulfil your objective. An ideal and engaging Insta account should have an eye-catching user name, profile picture, and bio with lots of high-quality posts.


It’s the name of your account, and your account will be known to people with that.

If you are a brand that wants to promote your brand or sell products, you should keep the username the same as your brand so that people can understand the account belongs to your brand.

If your brand name is too long, you should shorten it and use it as a username. Because there is a limit to how long the username can be. And no matter what, always use your brand name as an Insta username so people can find your brand on Insta.

Profile Picture

As a brand, you need to use your logo or business image as the profile picture of your Instagram. That’s because people will also recognize your brand with the image and boost your reach.


Bio is a great way to promote your business and tell people about your account. For example, you probably saw Inta users saying photographer on their bio; they are photographers and promote themselves with their bio. And their bio defines what they do in real life.

So, the bio can be a great asset to promote your brand or business. That’s because if you attach your website’s URL to the bio, people can easily visit your website if you give them a good reason to go.

Content Drives Followers

Content is king not only for Instagram but also for all platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and all other content-driven platforms. So, if you aim for more Insta followers, you should create more high-quality and engaging content.

Don’t just create random contents that have no demand or ones that you like. Instead, create content your followers want to see and his an audience. At the same time, sharing content that will benefit your audience will give you a good advantage because people will follow you since they can find what they are looking for on your account.

And when the Instagram algorithm finds out that people are more driven to your content and like what you share. Then, Instagram will understand your content is valuable and recommend your content more, which will boost you.

Promotion and Marketing

You are organising your Insta account and creating great content, but still not getting followers. Well, that’s because you aren’t promoting your Insta handle. Most of the users don’t even know that you exist. So, use other platforms and strategies to promote your Insta handle.


How Can I Get 1000 Followers on Instagram?

It’s easy. Just create high-quality contents that have a great number of audiences. But I must say, creating good content won’t do anything good to you if people can’t find you. You need to be visible on Instagram. How to do that?

Posts Regularly

Instagram has billions of active followers. And people are following you or will follow you because of your content. They love your posts, and they want more. But if you are not regular and post irregularly and randomly, people will forget about your account, and sometimes later Insta algorithm will stop recommending you to others.

Right Time to Post

Not all times are best for posting on Instagram. That’s because people aren’t always active on that platform. However, there is a certain time when most people use Insta. And that’s the perfect time to post on insta for maximum reach. According to my research, 8 AM to 12 PM is the time when the majority of the users are active.

Schedule Your Posts

Suppose your audiences are more active at 2:30 AM; what will you do? That’s the time when you are in a deep sleep. Then how can you post to get the maximum reach? Well, you can schedule your posts with software that will post for you on insta at a specific time that you will choose.

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How Do I Grow My Instagram in 2022?

You are trying your best to grow your Instagram because you want to become an influencer or promote your brand or business. No matter the reason, you will need organic and loyal followers. How to get them?

Avoid Fake Followers and Bots

I saw many people buy Instagram followers, likes, and comments without realizing those aren’t real. Those are fake accounts and bots. Those may benefit you now, but they won’t do anything good to you in the long run.

That’s because when the Instagram algorithm gets updated, which happens very often, those accounts will be terminated, and you will be left with nothing.

Interact with Your Followers

Instead of buying fake followers, you should focus on your content and interact with your followers to bond well with them. Try to answer all the comments and questions of your followers, which will help you to build a good relationship with all your followers.

How Do You Get More Followers on Instagram for Free?

Creating a high-quality post is not enough to get more followers on Instagram. You must focus on marketing and promotion as well.

Use Other Platforms 

Suppose you have a Twitter account with thousands of followers but aren’t doing well on Insta. In that case, you can use Twitter and drive traffic from there to your Insta account. You just have to showcase Insta handle on there.

You can do that on all the online platforms you have. And you should do that. Attach your Insta profile everywhere, even on your website.

Collaborate with Influencers

Aren’t you getting followers? Why not collaborate with influencers? Influencers have millions of loyal followers, and if they promote you by sharing one of your posts or going live with you, there is a greater chance you will get a huge number of followers in no time.s

How Can I Get 5000 Followers on Instagram?

You can get way more than 5000 followers if you make a good strategy and properly use Instagram in these ways:

Create Visual Contents

Instagram is a visual platform where most people want photos and videos. So, focus more on creating content in image or video format. It’s proven that more than 65% of users like photo content, and 60% of users like video content.

Try Reels, IGTV, Stories

Instagram features reels, IGTV, and stories where users can share pictures and short videos. And almost 90% of the people see those, especially stories. More than half a billion people watch Instagram stories. So, why don’t you create stories to promote yourself?

Hashtags and Locations

Hashtags are such a great tool that will surely boost your reach. Hashtags are tags or lines that people search on Insta. But don’t use a hashtag that has millions of users using them. That’s because a hashtag with millions of videos and photos won’t let you go through. So instead, find or make a unique hashtag for your posts.

However, when posting something on Insta, even when posting Story, make sure to use a location tag. It will help you reach people in that location and those searching for that location.


Getting followers on Instagram is hard when you don’t have a good strategy. That’s why research and make a good action plan, then move according to that.

And I recommend you never buy followers and likes for Instagram because those are fake accounts and bots that won’t benefit you.

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