How to Get the Wifi Password from Your Phone?

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Wi-Fi password is the thing that everyone wants nowadays – since no one can live without Wi-Fi or the internet. But not everybody shares their password. If you ask someone for the Wi-Fi password, they will probably type it themselves – instead of telling you.

So, what will you do if you need to connect another device to the network or your friend asks for the password?

You can’t do anything in that situation since you don’t know the password. But don’t be left out – that’s because I have some killer methods you can use and get the Wi-Fi password that is saved on your smartphone.

How to Get the Wifi Password from Your Phone:

As I said, you can use many ways to get the Wi-Fi password from your phone. But those methods are different for certain versions of Android and devices. Let’s not delay and check out those methods:How to Get the Wifi Password from Your Phone

Methods-1: Stock Android Devices (Android 10 and higher)

  1. Go to the “Setting” on your device and find the “WiFi” or “Internet” submenu.
  2. That submenu has saved the network and the current network. You should tap on a network whose password you want.
  3. Under the Network name, you will see “Share”, where you have to tap.
  4. If you have a security setup, you need to authenticate first.
  5. Now, the plain text password will appear under the QR code.

Method 2: Samsung Galaxy Devices (Android 10 and higher)

  1. Open your Samsung device, go to the “Setting”, and find the “Connections” submenu.
  2. Then find the “WiFi” submenu from there.
  3. Go to the cog option and tap on it.
  4. Tap on the “QR code” option.
  5. It’s time to save the QR code as an image by tapping on the “Save as Image” option.
  6. Open that image by using Google Lens or Google Photos.
  7. You now have to expand the QR code.
  8. The Wi-Fi password will appear as plain text.

Method-3: Non-Rooted Android Devices (Android 6-9)

Using non-rooted devices, you can decode the QR code in two ways and get the Wi-Fi password. You can either use Google Lens or Google Photos.

Get Wi-Fi Password Using Google Lens:

  1. First, open Google Lens.
  2. Use that app and open the QR code image from your gallery. You can use the “Search with your camera” option.
  3. You need to tap on the “Shutter” button if you are using your device’s camera.
  4. You can expand the QR code with Google Lens.
  5. You will now get the plain text password.

Get Wi-Fi Password Using Google Photos:

  1. Go to the Google Photos.
  2. Open the QR code image from the gallery.
  3. You will see the lens icon on the image – tap on it.
  4. Expand the QR code.
  5. You will get the Wi-Fi password as text.

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Can I See My Wi-Fi Password from my Phone? 

Yes, you can see your Wi-Fi password from your phone.

  1. Just go to “Settings”.
  2. Tap on the “Network and Internet”.
  3. Tap on “Internet”.
  4. Choose your network to see the password.
  5. You will see a gear option on the right side of the “Network” submenu. Tap on it.
  6. Select the QR code option with the “Share” option.
  7. Verify yourself with your security option with a code, pin, or finger.
  8. You will get the password.

How Do I See a Saved Wi-Fi Password? 

If you want to see the Wi-Fi password of the saved networks, you can easily do that. You can either use the above methods – or you can use a killer app that I have found. But your android device has to be rooted for that. And it works perfectly on Android 4 to 9.

The app is called Wi-Fi Password Viewer. It’s the only legit app among thousands that worked for me. You can download it from the Google Play Store and use it. It’s simple to use, and even a baby can use it.

You just have to open the app and give it all the permissions required. And a list will appear on the app where you will see all the networks saved on your device along with passwords that you can see side-by-side of each network.

How Do I See the Password for My Wi-Fi on My iPhone? 

If you are an iPhone user, you can easily see your Wi-Fi password, and you won’t need any extra effort like Android users.

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the “WiFi
  3. Find the network whose password you want to see.
  4. There should be a hidden password section – tap on it.
  5. Use your finger, face, or pin to unlock the password.
  6. You will get the password.

Is It Possible to See Wi-Fi Password on Android?

It is possible to see the Wi-Fi password from your Android device. And I have already mentioned plenty of ways that you can use to view Wi-Fi passwords.

You can use the traditional way that almost all people use. You can Go to Settings>Network and Internet>Internet>the network whose password you want>QR code. Use that QR code and expand it with Google Lens or Photos.

Conclusion: Getting a Wi-Fi password from your device of any network is a piece of cake if the network and password are saved on your device. You won’t have to make sweat to get the password. But make sure to follow the instructions properly. Otherwise, you won’t get the password at all.

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