How To Put A Song From Youtube As A Ringtone?

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Do you want to change the default ringtones on your smartphone? And wondering if it is possible to put a song from youtube as a ringtone. Then this blog is for you. YouTube is the most popular entertainment platform from which you will get millions of songs in different categories. It is one of the biggest collections of movies, videos, music, songs, and many more. That’s why YouTube is one of the best sources for ringtones. This blog will guide you on how to put a song from youtube as a ringtone.

How To Put A Song From Youtube As A Ringtone:

You will find several apps and websites on the internet that helps you to get your desirable ringtones. But all these apps and websites don’t provide free ringtones. For this, you need to spend money. But from you YouTube, you can download the ringtones for free. Then you can easily convert your favourite YouTube songs into your device ringtone by following a few simple steps –

  • First, go to YouTube on your Android and find your favourite song or sound. Then, copy the music in the search bar to save it to your clipboard.
  • Then convert the YouTube video into an MP3 by visiting Kapwing in your phone browser, tapping tools, and selecting the convert video tool from the menu. 
  • Then, hold the screen to paste the YouTube link.
  • Let’s trim the video for the right duration and drag the ends of the track until your video is around 30 seconds. 
  • To make finer adjustments, select edit video, then timing to set a specific start and end time. Then you can use the split tool above the timeline to cut out a section from the middle and delete any extra clips if required.
  • Then tap the arrow next to Export Video and select Export as MP3. After processing the ringtone, tap Download to save it to your device.
  • Once you have saved the ringtone, find the file.
  • Then select it, and tap set as ringtone.

How To Put A Song From Youtube As A Ringtone


How do I get a song from YouTube to be my ringtone?

To get a song from YouTube to be your ringtone, you need to convert the YouTube video to an MP3 format by navigating the Then use third-party apps to trim the MP3 audio file. After trimming, set it as your ringtone. Then You go to your phone settings >sound and vibrationRingtones. Finally, you can set the MP3 audio file as a default ringtone on your phone.

Can you use music on YouTube Music for ringtones?

Yes, you can use music on Youtube Music for ringtones. There are several kinds of music available on YouTube which is entirely free for everyone. So, you can easily download music for ringtones.

How do I download a song for a ringtone?

There are a few ways to download songs for a ringtone. First, you can search on Google or YouTube and tap on that song’s link. You can also go to iTunes or Amazon and search for the music according to your choice. Then download songs by going to a file-sharing site.

Can I use a YouTube song for a ringtone iPhone?

You can use YouTube music on your iPhone ringtone by copying the URL and putting it on the website YTmp3. Then trim it and transfer the YouTube music to MP3. Finally, you can use songs for a ringtone on iPhone. 

Conclusion: YouTube has become the biggest source of entertainment. However, if you get bored with the default ringtones on your smartphone, you can download a beautiful ringtone from YouTube. To Put a song from Youtube as a ringtone is simple and can be done in a few easy steps. In this blog, I have guided you on how to put a song from youtube as a ringtone. I hope now you can set your favourite ringtone from YouTube by yourself.

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