How to Tell if Someone is using a Texting App?

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If you are trying to determine whether or not someone is using a texting app for tell, there are a few things that you can do.

  • First, look at the phone itself. Are they sending and receiving text messages quickly and frequently? If so, it’s likely that they’re using a texting app.
  • Second, take into account their social media profiles. Do any posts seem unusual in relation to other posts that person has made? If so, it might be because they’re communicating via SMS rather than posting directly on their social media platform.
  • And finally, monitor how often they use voice calls versus text chat – if they make more voice calls than text chats throughout the day or week then it’s likely that they’re primarily using a messaging app for communication instead of speaking face-to-face with people.

Some ways to find out if anyone is using a texting app:

Some ways to find out if anyone is using a texting app

How to Tell if Someone is using a Texting App?

Texting apps leave a digital footprint that can be used to identify the user. Some telltale signs of text message use include having large numbers of texts sent and received in a short period of time, having no outgoing calls or other interactions during that time, and writing very fast.”

Are they typing fast?

No, they are not typing fast.

Do they seem to be focusing on the screen?

Some people focus on the screen and some people do not.

Are they taking long breaks often?

Not at all.

Are their fingers moving rapidly across the screen?


Are they constantly tapping and swiping?


Do they often end up looking at their phone rather than interacting with people around them?

Some people may do this more often than others, but it is not always the case.

Do they seem restless or distracted?

It is hard to say because the symptoms can vary so much. Some people may feel restless or distracted, while others might not notice any changes.

Are there multiple texts open at once?

No, there is only one text open at a time.

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