How To Transfer Text Messages From One Phone To Another?

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Buying a new phone is really an exciting thing for everyone. After purchasing a new phone, the first thought that comes to everyone’s mind is how to transfer important messages, photos, videos and other documents from one phone to another. But, unfortunately, many of us may not know how to do it. This blog will guide you on how to transfer text messages from one phone to another.

How To Transfer Text Messages From One Phone To Another: 

Text messages are essential, and most of the time, they are related to our business or private life. So, when we get a new phone, one of the inevitable jobs is to transfer necessary text messages from one phone to another. There are several ways to transfer text messages from one phone to another. Here are some easy methods below-

How To Transfer Text Messages From One Phone To Another

Method 1: Using Bluetooth

  • First, bring two Android devices closer together. 
  • Please turn on the Bluetooth on both Android devices and pair them by confirming the passcode. 
  • Then, go to the Messaging application on the source device and select the messages you need to transfer. 
  • Go to its settings app and choose “Send” or “Share“. 
  • Now, send SMS via Bluetooth. You will see a list of all available Android devices. Just choose the target device to share the text message
  • Then you will notify of incoming SMS data on the targeted Android phone. Tap “Agree” to receive the SMS.

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Method 2: Using Android SMS Transfer

You will get many apps available that can help you to transfer text messages to a new phone. The Android SMS Transfer is one of the best apps to help you.

  • First, download the Android SMS Transfer app on the source Android and launch it. After that, tap on the “Backup SMS” from its welcome page.
  • Then you need to name the backup file of your Android messages. Enter any file name according to your choice and proceed.
  • Then the SMS backup was taken and stored on the Android SD card.
  • After that, remove the SD card that contains the message backup, and insert it into your new phone.
  • Then open the app again and tap on the “Restore SMS” option. Now you need to browse the backup file to get your text messages and restore them to the target phone.

Method 3: Using Google Backup

  • On your source Android device, open Settings > Backup & reset > tap Backup my data and ensure that ‘Messages‘ has been selected on the list of data types. Then tap on BackUp Now.
  • Switch to your new Android phone and add the same Gmail account. Go to Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google> Key in your Google account credentials and sign in.
  • To restore the Google backup to your new Android, head to Settings > Backup & reset > turn on Automatic restore to let the backup get restored on your new Android device.

Method 4: Using SMS Backup & Restore

  • First, install the app and open it on your old phone. Then tap on the three horizontal bars in the top left corner. Select Back up Now from the menu and tap on the ‘Backup‘ option.
  • Then find the ‘SMS Backup Restore’ folder on local storage and move it to your target Android phone.
  • Install this app on the target device and tap the ‘three horizontal bars‘ as you did before. 
  • Then tap on ‘Restore‘ and hit the ‘Local Backup Location‘.
  • Choose the backup file from your phone and tap on ‘Restore‘ to restore the text messages to the target device.

Method 5: Using Smart Switch

  •  First, install the Samsung Smart Switch app on the source and target devices and open it.
  • On your source Android phone, tap Send data and choose Wireless transfer.
  • Select the messages that you want to transfer and tap Send.
  • Go to your target phone to start the SMS transfer and tap the Accept option to receive incoming text messages.


How do I transfer text messages from my old phone to my new phone? 

There are many ways to transfer text messages from your old phone to your new phone. You can choose any of them according to your choice. 

  • Using Bluetooth
  • Using Samsung Smart Switch
  • Using SMS Backup & Restore
  • Using Google Backup
  • Using Android SMS Transfer
  • Using Professional Phone Transfer Software
How do I export all my text messages from Android? 

To export all your text messages from Android, you must tap “Chats” from the list of settings. Next, tap Chat History > Export Chat and choose a chat to export. Finally, decide how you’d like to save the conversation to complete the export.

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Conclusion: Transferring text messages from one phone to another is a must-know thing that helps you in many situations. It is a wise decision if you will learn it as soon as possible whether you change your phone or not. In this blog, I have shared a few methods to do it. It will help you transfer any text message to your new phone.

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