Importance of Using Hashtags on Instagram

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When you want to find something on the internet, the only place you go – is to Google and search for what you are looking for. Similarly, people who are looking for something on Instagram- a product, service, or business – just search that Instagram with a hash (#), which the rest of the other Insta users and I call hashtag. Read a complete guide about the Importance of Using Hashtags on Instagram from here.

Importance of Using Hashtags on Instagram: 

The Instagram hashtag was introduced 12 years ago, and now it dominates Insta. That’s why it’s hard to see an Instagram post without a hashtag. Why? Let’s find out:

1. Helps Users to Discover Your Content

As I mentioned, when users want to find something on Insta, they just search for that hashtag, and all the posts with that particular hashtag appear on the screen. Let’s just say you want to find photos and videos of fashion and fashion trends – when you search with “#fashion,” – all the posts with fashion hashtags will appear, and it’s a great way to find the contents you are looking for.

2. Boost Your Reach

It’s all Insta users’ dream to have more and more followers. But how can I do that? There are many ways – to use hashtags is one of them. That’s because when you use hashtags, it improves your reach phenomenally. And when your content reaches more users, you will get more followers if your content is powerful.

3. Promotion

More than 2 billion people use Instagram, and over 58% of those accounts are business accounts. So, it’s a fact that Insta is a great platform for promoting businesses and brands.

But without hashtags, you can forget to promote your business here. That’s because no matter how great a brand or your business is, you can’t promote anything if you can’t reach people.

With relevant hashtags, you will help users to find the service, product, or business they are looking for.

4. Find Competitors

Want to become a more successful business on Instagram? Do better than your competitors. Wait, how can you find them? Well, that’s easy – search with the hashtags. Posts that will appear from different accounts are your competitors.

Suppose you are a Digital Marketer and want to find your competitors. Just search with “#digitalmarketing.” All your competitors will appear in front of you.

5. Engage with Followers

One of the key tips for success on Instagram is to engage with your followers and make a better relationship with them.

Hashtags can do that. How? First of all, share informative and engaging posts. Then create your hashtags. Tell your followers to share them throughout the platform. You can also tell them to mention you with that hashtag so that you can find them and reply or engage in a conversation.

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How Do You Benefit from Hashtags on Instagram? 

Well, hashtags are helping me a lot on Instagram and in a big way. I always promote brands, products, and businesses on Instagram, which is my first choice. And hashtags help me to reach out to a large number of users.

At the same time, because I promote many brands and businesses, I need to know if those are helping my audiences or not. With hashtags, I can easily find feedback on what I promoted and what users are talking about me.

When have created my hashtag, posted it on my account, and told my followers – if they had anything to say about me, they could use that hashtag, and I will reach out to them. It has helped me to create a good bond with my followers.

What Is the Advantage of Using Hashtags? 

There are not only one but several advantages of using hashtags on your Insta posts. As an Instagram user, you will need more followers to achieve your goals (reasons why you are using Insta), and hashtags will help you gain more followers by making you more and more visible to other users.

Are hashtags still important on Instagram 2023? 

Yes, hashtags have now become compulsory for any Insta post. That’s because every user wants more reach and visibility on Instagram, and hashtags are the tools that can give users those two things.

Don’t believe me. Just post two contents on Insta – one with hashtags and another without hashtags. A few days later, see for yourself which post is doing well.

Do Hashtags Help Get Followers on Instagram? 

Yes, and I have mentioned it several times throughout my article. Hashtags will give your followers a boost in number.

Now, nobody knows what you post on Insta– except your followers. But when you post with the trending hashtags that people mostly search for, your posts also appear to them, and if they find your post interesting and useful, they will surely follow you.

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Conclusion: Hashtags are one of the most important factors for Instagram ranking and success. It does not only help you reach out to your potential followers and helps the Instagram algorithm categorize your content so that Insta can recommend you to the users who love that category, which means it promotes you and helps you gain more followers.

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