What Apps Are Draining My Battery?

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Can you go one day without your smartphone? I know the answer – and that’s no. No one nowadays can go or do anything without a smartphone. Whether you use it for professional or personal purposes, you will need your phones and the apps that are so much to you and your daily work.

Imagine you have so much to do throughout the day, but the battery can’t back you up. At that time, you have nothing to do without getting disappointed. But you should find out why your battery is draining so quickly. And I know what is responsible for this issue: the apps you use on your phone. Let’s talk about which apps are draining your battery quickly.

What Apps Are Draining My Battery:

Many factors are responsible for your battery drainage – location, camera, resourceful app, push notification, and widgets are one of the main reasons. And the apps that are most compatible with these factors are the ones that consume most of the power of your phone.

What Apps Are Draining My Battery

1. Facebook

One of the biggest and most user-driven social media platforms is Facebook. It consumes most of the battery percentage of your smartphone. The app offers great features like newsfeed, community, marketplace, reels, stories, videos, photos, groups, pages, and businesses. And to ensure the best user experience, it needs to be up-to-date and use the location. That’s why it drains the battery too much.

2. Instagram

Instagram is the second largest used social media platform that is widely popular among billions of active users and brands daily. This platform is mainly focused on photos and videos that have to be high in quality, which is quite a big factor in battery drainage. At the same time, this social media also uses location and other features like reels, stories, messages, etc. So the battery will surely be drained quickly.

3. Facebook Messenger

Billions of people who use Facebook also use Facebook messenger. That’s because Facebook messenger provides the best messaging experience for users. And with this app, users can exchange video calls, audio calls, voice messages, photos, videos, texts, and files, and it provides push notifications. And that’s why your battery is draining soon.

4. YouTube

Some apps not only people use but come as a default on every smartphone, and YouTube is one of those apps. I bet all the smartphones in the world has this app, whether people use it or not. However, YouTube is a video-sharing platform where people stream videos.

When someone streams videos on that platform, it continuously downloads the video and is high quality. At the same time, it uses location to provide and suggest videos depending on your region. And the notification that YouTube provides consumes a huge amount of your power.


How Do I Stop Apps from Draining My Battery? 

As I said earlier, there are many reasons for your phone battery to drain so quickly. To put an end to this, first, you need to find out why your battery drains. Some potential reasons are:

Location: The apps that constantly use location so that you can perform your task require lots of hard work. Since the location that uses the app has to be up-to-date always, and that requires lots of background tasks to be performed, and that’s why your battery drains quickly.

Notification: The apps that send push notifications all the times are also heavy consumers of power. That’s because the app needs to send the notification through the app, and when a notification arrives, your phone gets it on time, which consumes battery power a lot.

Games and Addictive Apps: Some games with high graphics power are very addictive, whether it’s PUBG or Freefire, and when someone plays those games, it takes lots of time to finish them. Those games use location, graphics, data-update, and other technologies that consume battery power faster.

How Do I Find Out Which Apps Are Draining My Battery? 

It’s very easy, by the way. You just have to check the battery usage report of your device. On there, you will see all the apps and the percentages of each app’s power. So, let’s talk about how you can check the battery usage:

  1. Go to the “Settings” app on your device.
  2. Scroll down and find the “Battery,” and tap on it.
  3. You will see “Battery Usage” inside that submenu – tap on it.
  4. You will see all the apps installed on your device, and on the side, you will see how much power those apps consume.
  5. The main culprit is the app that consumes the most power, especially those that consume power in double digits.

What Drains Phone Battery the Most? 

I already told you that many reasons could be responsible for your phone battery drainage. But one thing that drains the battery much is those apps that run in the background all the time.

Those apps are always active in the background and perform tasks so that they can give you updates and notifications all the time. At the same time, those types of apps use many technologies for various tasks, so your battery drains very quickly.

Why Is My Android Battery Draining So Fast All of a Sudden?

It’s hard to say why your battery drains too fast all of a sudden. That’s because many things are responsible for that. It could be because too many apps are running in your background, and you don’t even know that.

On the other hand, push notifications and alerts are also things that consume too much power. Besides, apps that use location, such as GPS, Uber, and others, are also extremely power-using.

Conclusion: I have mentioned all the major apps that drain the battery quickly, and everyone uses them. Some other apps that drain battery power extremely fast are Tinder, Uber, Snapchat, heavy graphics games, etc. And if you use addictive apps that take a lot of your time and while using them, you lose track of time, and it also can drain your battery fast. So, uninstall all the apps that drain your battery quickly.

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