What Happens When I Block Someone on Whatsapp?

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If you have a smartphone, then you must have a WhatsApp account. WhatsApp is the best messenger application to help you connect with friends and family. Moreover, many people also use it to communicate with their colleagues for their regular official purpose. The most interesting thing about WhatsApp is its blocking feature, which helps you stop getting unwanted messages from a specific person.

Do you want to block someone on WhatsApp? But, wondering what happens when you block someone on Whatsapp? Then this blog is for you. This blog lets you about it.

What Happens When I Block Someone on Whatsapp:

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app that helps you to stay in touch with your family and friends. Millions of people worldwide use it to send messages, make voice & video calls, share pictures, locations, documents, contacts, videos, docs, and more.

What Happens When I Block Someone on Whatsapp

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To prevent unwanted conversations, blocking a specific person from your WhatsApp contact sometimes might become necessary. In addition, it helps you to stop getting messages and calls from that person. Some few things will happen if you block someone on WhatsApp-

  • Messages won’t deliver

If you block someone on WhatsApp, their messages won’t deliver to you anymore. You can’t even send them messages or calls until you unblock them.

  • Your last seen will not be visible

Your last seen will not be visible whether they are online or not. Moreover, you also can’t see when they last came online until you unblock them.

  • Status, story, and about 

Once you block them, they can’t see your statues, story, and about section. You also can’t see them. But after unblocking them, you can see all the things as before.

  • Profile picture won’t be visible

If you block anyone from your WhatsApp contact, they will not be able to see your profile picture. But, of course, the same thing applies to you as well. So even if you change your profile picture, they will not know it.

  • Read receipts

After blocking, they will see only single grey ticks when they try to send any message to you. They never see blue ticks, and the message also won’t deliver to you.

  • Group chats won’t be affected

If you and the specific person you have blocked are in the same WhatsApp group, you can still message them within that group after blocking.

  • Whatsapp calls

Their calls will not deliver to you after blocking the person. Not only that. You also can’t call them until you unblock them.


What do they see when you block someone on WhatsApp?

Actually, they can’t see anything of your profile when you block someone on WhatsApp. Moreover, they never get any notification for it. So, they never know if you have blocked them or not. So, your WhatsApp account’ all detail is no longer visible to them.

Will the other person know if I block them on WhatsApp?

No, the other person won’t know if you block them on WhatsApp, as there is no direct way to know whether you have blocked them or not. They can’t see your last seen, status updates, and any changes of yours. Your profile photo even will no longer be visible to them. They won’t deliver you any messages, calls, or status updates.

Conclusion: WhatsApp is an amazing application for regular communication. In this blog, I have shared all the information on WhatsApp and informed you about what happens when you block someone on Whatsapp. So I hope now you don’t need to worry before blocking anyone. For more information, please comment below.


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