What Is Google TV App? Everything You Need to Know

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Do you know ”what is Google TV App?” If you don’t know, this blog is for you. Google TV App is an interface for Android TV that makes it easy to find your favorite apps in one place. In this blog, I have informed you about all the aspects of the Google TV App.

What Is Google Tv App: 

Google TV is an interface built into Chromecast and Android TV devices. But you can use it on any other Android device with a Google TV app on the Play Store. This app is available for both Android and iOS devices. In addition, it is the latest version of the Google Play Movies & TV. So it makes your regular streaming experience more convenient.

In addition, it provides suggestions based on your subscriptions and what you have already watched. It allows you to browse movies and shows from AppleTV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, Sling, YouTube TV, Peacock, Prime Video, and other streaming providers. It brings smart TV and streaming devices together and streams everything in one place.

Features:What Is Google TV App

Google TV is an amazing application that has so many unique features. All these amazing features make this app more popular with everyone. 

  • All content in one place

This app will allow you to view all your subscription services and channel content together. So, you will find all the accessible content in one place. It will help you get your favourite content easily and quickly.

  • Viewing recommendations

Google TV suggests new programs based on what you watch and the streaming services you add to your account across all channels. For example, if you like something you watched, then Google TV will recommend similar content from your paid subscriptions, live channels, and free streaming services.

  • Google Assistant voice control

The Google Assistant voice control has been integrated into the Google TV interface. Your voice command lets you easily access your settings, content, and other features. So, you can give the commands and do whatever you want.

  • Multi-room audio

You can treat the Google TV app as a multi-room speaker, controlling tunes across the house. You can flip songs from services like Spotify to your device, using it as a music station. 

  • Virtual Google TV Remote

You can also select the remote button and connect to your TV to control your TV with your phone and use Google Assistant. In addition, you can use its functionality if you use your phone or tablet as a companion to an Android TV or Google TV-compatible device. You can even use your phone’s keyboard to quickly type complicated passwords, movie names, or search terms.

  • Profiles for kids

If you have kids, you can control age-based content for children and restrict access by setting up a kid’s profile. So you don’t need to keep an eye on your kids the whole time. First, you need to select your profile and then tap “add a kid.” Moreover, you can limit the apps and monitor the usage of those apps. You can also set screen time limitations.

  • Rate movies and shows: 

After watching, you can also rate the movies and shows with the like or dislike buttons. Doing this will give you even better recommendations based on your interests on your Google TV devices.

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What is the Google TV app, and do I need it?

Google TV App is the new version of the Android TV operating system that delivers different benefits for users when it comes to accessing their viewing content, amongst other features. It recommends content based on what users watch and add to their accounts. 

Is Google TV free to use? 

Yes, Google TV is free to use for everyone.

Can I delete the Google TV app? 

Yes, you can delete your it from your device. First, go to Google Play > My Apps & Games from the hamburger menu icon to delete it. Then tap on Google TV from the list of the available apps on your device and tap “Uninstall.”

Does Google TV have a monthly fee? 

As Google TV isn’t a subscription service, it has no additional monthly fee.

Conclusion: Google TV is an excellent Application that combines all content from different streaming channels into one searchable interface. In this blog, I have shared all the information about Google TV App. If this blog helps you know something new, share it with your friends and family.

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