What To Do If Play Store Is Not Working?

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Google Play Store is one of the essential applications among all the applications of our smartphones. It works as a mediator between users and other vital apps. After access to the Play Store, you can download and install apps and games. However, sometimes we all must have received an error message stating that the Google Play Store won’t open and has any issues downloading new apps or updating existing apps. Now, are you wondering what to do if the play store is not working? Don’t worry. This post lets you know what to do if the play store is not working.

What To Do If Play Store Is Not Working:

What To Do If Play Store Is Not Working

Method 1: Clear Play Store cache & data

You can clear cache and data through your device’s settings menu to solve the issue. It will eliminate all the temporary files and help you to free up the devices’ internal space. It also allows you to fix problems. To clear the Play Store cache, open your mobile’s Settings app > tap Apps & notifications. Then tap on See all apps and find Google Play Store. Select Storage and tap on Clear Cache. Next, tap on Clear data. Finally, Go to the Play Store and try your download again.

Method 2: Force close the Google Play Store

When you have issues with the Google Play Store not working, you can simply force close it. You can do this through Settings App. First, open the Settings app and Go into Apps to force close an app on Android. Then Select All apps > Google Play Store and tap on Force stop. Then select OK.

Method 3: Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes due to an inconsistent internet connection, all apps might not download correctly. Google Play Store works appropriately when your device has a strong internet or mobile data connection. Otherwise, it may not work well. So, it would be great to check your device’s internet connection. Moreover, you can restart your router and, in the case of mobile data, enable Airplane mode for a while and then enable it. It would help you to restore a strong internet connection.

Method 4: Turn on Airplane mode

When the play store is not working, turning on Airplane mode can help solve the issue. In addition, sometimes switching Airplane Mode on and off will help the Google Play Store get back on track. To turn on Airplane mode, open the Settings app. Then Go into Network & internet and Toggle Airplane mode on.

Method 5: Uninstall and reinstall Play Store 

Sometimes a Google Play Store won’t update automatically. So it is better to install the latest version of it. Moreover, you also can uninstall the previous version of the Google Play Store and reinstall the newest edition.

Or, you may need to uninstall Google Play Store and reinstall it on your devices.

  • First, go to Settings and then select Apps & notifications.
  • Then tap on See all apps > find Google Play Store and tap on it.
  • Select the three dots at the top right corner and select Uninstall updates.
  • Then repeat the same steps for Google Play Services.
  • Then go to the Google Play Store app again and tap on your profile picture.
  • Tap on Settings and expand About by tapping on it.
  • Finally, select the Update Play Store option, and confirm the update if available.

Method 6: Remove your Google Account and Sign in Again

You can also try signing out of your Google account and signing in again. If you recently changed your Google account password, this method may help you fix the problem. To remove a Google account, go into the Settings app. Then select Passwords & accounts and tap on your Google account > Remove account. Finally, verify by selecting Remove account again. Now you need to sign in to your Google account again. 

Method 7: Restart Your Phone

Restart your Android phone if your Google Play Store is not working correctly. It works because an app or a service might mess up in Google Play Services. For example, only closing the app might not help you much. But restarting your phone cleans all crashed applications or errors from its memory. 

Method 8: Check the Date and Time on your phone

Google Play Store does not work perfectly on your device if the date and time are incorrect. To fix this issue, go to Settings>General Management>Date and Time. Then enable Automatic Date and Time.


What is the reason for the Play Store Not Working? 

There are so many reasons for the Play Store is not working. Some reasons are-

  • Inconsistent Internet connection
  • The date and time of your device are incorrect.
  • You may be using an old version
  • You haven’t cleared the cache and data for a long time.
  • You may have recently changed the Google account password.
How do I reinstall the Google Play store? 

To reinstall the Google Play Store, you need to follow these steps-

  • Open the Google Play Store app and tap on the profile picture in the top right corner.
  • Then select Settings.
  • Now, expand the About by tapping on it.
  • Finally, tap on the Update Play Store option.

Conclusion: Play Store is not working has become a common problem. So, I have shared all the information about it. And I have guided you on what to do if the Play Store is not working. So, I hope you can solve this issue yourself without any problems. For more information, comment below.

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